“Who am I really? What is my life-mission? What is my story? What will be my Legacy?” are by far the most powerful and life-giving question that high-performing men and women can ask themselves. The process of trying to answer those questions is very often the very thing that separates them from the rest.

That’s why, in 2013, we began a research project. We set out to go deep and long to see how high performers and achievers, across the globe, would answer personal questions around life, legacy, performance, happiness, energy, failure, legacy, achievement and success, so we could learn something from them.

With no particular universe in mind, to-date we have completed over 835 of these Legacy Interviews with all types of high-performers, spanning many different genres, across 28 countries.

Our process has been simple – in the interviews we have asked respondents to choose and complete 8 to 10 answers from the same set of 24 questions. We then followed up by publishing the findings on our site and shared them with our 60 000+ strong community of readers, followers and subscribers.

What we have ended up with so far has been 835 wonderfully rich and unique pearls of inspiration, wisdom and knowledge, which provide ‘everyday’ fuel for our own community of thousands of high-performing and achieving men and women to help consciously work through that same question for themselves: “What will be my Legacy?”

To the 835 men and women who have been selected so far to complete their Legacy Interview – thank-you for being so generous with your time and your truth. For the thousands more that will hopefully be adding to this project down-the-line, thank-you in advance. I look forward to connecting with you.

To the millions of men and women who will come across these vast pearls of inspiration on successness.com, in their social media, in their inbox or even in person at our festivals or workshops, may the findings of the project act as fuel for your own lives. May they help you get UNSTUCK and reconnect, refocus and re-imagine just what can be possible with your one beautiful life.


Have you got to that most awesome place in life where you are ready to give back? Have you achieved a level of success and now want to share your wisdom, knowledge and inspiration with others. Are you ready to be part of a group that’s making a difference, building the world into a better place, by openly sharing the ‘ups and downs’, the ‘failures and the successes’ of your path?

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Every year I invite a select a bunch of amazingly high performing and generous men and men who will join the 835 legends from across the globe – business-empire builders, catalysts for change, corporate leaders and professionals, world-class creatives, sports-persons, adventurers, entrepreneurs – all who have met the criterion to be featured and who have already shared their life-story on The Legacy Project.

With over 1000 visitors a day reading interviews, watching videos and listening to podcasts of legacies that are shared weekly with over 60 000 fans, followers and subscribers you can be assured that your Legacy interview will make a huge amount of difference in someones’s life.

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