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Successness is an initiative that hopes to inspire you through providing you with unlimited access to extraordinary individuals, each of  whom have achieved Greatness in their own, unique and varying form. Each person who we interview and profile provides you with a different viewpoint, as well as different lessons to learn from.

Our aim is for Successness to become a daily resource for you; Inspiring you, Motivating you and Guiding you to achieving your own life of Greatness, within your own unique and varied form.

Steve Cragg

Steve is Founder & CEO of SUCCESSness.com globally. He is a business creator, educator, entrepreneur, husband and proud father of four. Through The Legacy Project he interviews extraordinary men and women from across the globe and shares their stories of building and living a legacy. As Sherpa, he hosts a regular podcast series, sharing knowledge, wisdom and inspiration to help high performers summit their mountain. He also regularly holds deep, intimate, conscious conversations at the ‘pop-up’ Catalyst Cafes across major global cities, holds regular online workshops, personally mentors men and women looking to become ” The Next Entrepreneurs” and coaches a select number of high performing men and women, all who are facing some sort of stuckness in their life, on “High Altitude Living”. He is also the driving force behind the bi-annual SUCCESSness Fest – a world-class personal development extravaganza for high performers and achievers.