Steve Cragg

I am firstly a husband and a proud father of four. I am also a business creator, entrepreneur, team-player and educator. I am, and will always be, a ‘learner’. Even though it could be said that I have achieved a moderate level of success and mastery in one or two spheres of my life, I am more aware than ever, now at this mid-stage of my life, of just how easy it is, and has been, to also get STUCK in many, many others. And that’s why I do this. To come alive. To feel worthy. To connect. To alleviate the stress that builds in me. To get unstuck. To keep growing. To keep moving. To keep learning and to share that whole process of learning with you. Through The Legacy Project I have the privilege of interviewing extraordinary men and women from across the globe who are willing to share some of what they believe has helped them cultivate their own SUCCESS, ENERGY and HAPPINESS and what has helped them get through their own seasons of stuckness. As Sherpa (my alter-ego) I also get to organise and moderate deep, intimate, conscious conversations on ‘getting unstuck at ‘pop-up’ Catalyst Cafes and Workshops in venues across major cities and also hold offline retreats and online workshops as well. I am also proud to host the bi-annual Successness Fest – a world-class personal development extravaganza for high performers and achievers as well as Mumspiration – a series of nationwide life-changing, inspirational events for Mums.