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Successness is an initiative that hopes to inspire you through providing you with unlimited access to extraordinary individuals, each of  whom have achieved Greatness in their own, unique and varying form. Each person who we interview and profile provides you with a different viewpoint, as well as different lessons to learn from.

Our aim is for Successness to become a daily resource for you; Inspiring you, Motivating you and Guiding you to achieving your own life of Greatness, within your own unique and varied form.


The Team | Successness is a varied team of passionate individuals. We all have day jobs, but are 110% committed to bringing you Inspiration everyday.

Steve Cragg

Steve is Founder, CEO and Editor of SUCCESSness.com.  He is an entrepreneur, business creator, educator and leader. As Sherpa, he hosts a weekly podcast, sharing knowledge, wisdom and inspiration to help men and women at half-time, summit the mountain. He also hosts deep, conscious conversations at the ‘pop-up’ Catalyst Cafes, personally mentors men and women looking to become ” The Next Entrepreneurs” and coaches a select number of high performing men and women, all who are facing some sort of half-time in their life, on “High Altitude Living”.



Pule Josh Khobo

Pule joined SUCCESSness.com at the beginning of 2016 and is the driving force behind establishing the Entrepreneurship Learning and Mentoring Academy.  With an outdoor advertising business of his own, a Marketing diploma and a decade of training and coaching young adults he is only too happy to now be channeling his life force into shaping and guiding young entrepreneurs.


Conway Lotter

Conway heads up the Social Media arm of SUCCESSness.com. He is a gentle soul with a colourful background in film, digital media and documentary production across SA, giving him a wonderful appreciation for the cultural diversity and crazy creativity of this wonderful country.

Nicky Oosthuizen

A graphic designer by trade, Nicky has been Head of Publishing for SUCCESSness.com since April 2016. If it reads well and looks beautiful, you can be sure Nicky had a hand in it.

Sanjeev Singhai

Sanjeev is CEO of SUCCESSness.com in India. He is an entrepreneur, mentor, and motivator. He focuses on simple solutions in day to day business with keen eye on opportunities. An adventure sport freak, amateur photographer and blogger.

Simon Kozlowski

Simon heads up the Commercial and Marketing side of SUCCESSness.com. As a coach, he works with multinational companies and small business clients in the areas of Leadership Development; Business Growth Strategy and Innovation.  Simon is unapologetically obsessed with unlocking greatness in people and businesses.